Dua For Love

Is there any Dua to make Someone Love You – Analysis

Recently I was stopping for a moment to talk with a few young people and they brought up the google sheik’s answer of “Dua to make somebody Love You ” .Astaghfirullah ! the appropriate responses are so deceptive .Some goes to the degree ” Islamic Black Magic Tricks ” and ” Islamic Vashikaran Mantra Totke” and so forth . You will likewise observe Wazifas like “Make any one begin to look all starry eyed at you in 1 minute ” , “In 5 minute get somebody adore you frantically ” and so on ,and so on Dear Friends ,Please Remember that such imbecilic things are not a piece of Islam .

Researchers of Islam state that there are no Wazifa from genuine Sunnah or Quran to make somebody cherish you like an enchantment spell .It is prescribed to abstain from being in a haram relationship .If You adore somebody , Propose them for Marriage through a senior . Peruse Salatul Hajat and ask in tahajjud and have the yaqeen that on the off chance that he/she is made for you,Allah will influence you to join . In the event that for reasons unknown ,the Person you adore gets his/her marriage gets connected with to another person ,don’t fall into evade by doing biddah and unauthentic totkas . Attempt to build up the affection for Allah swt more than the adoration for whatever else . Life is transitory and life is a test . When You cherish Allah swt more than anything ,you will have the yaqeen in his intelligence and his plans.Verily Allah is the best Planner.

Allah swt has entirely cautioned us against “Dark Magic ” and “Spells ” .

Peruse the Story of Zulaekha who allured Prophet Yusuf AS

Hadeeth Against going to crystal gazer

“Whoever goes to a crystal gazer (a relieve sayer) or a soothsayer and trusts him, has, truth be told, questioned in what has been uncovered to Muhammad (PBUH).” (Dawud)

Hadeeth against Black Magic

The second motivation behind why Islam denounces Black enchantment and every single other demonstration of divination is that these demonstrations will in general enlighten an individual concerning his or her future. As indicated by Islamic just Allah Almighty has the ability to see the concealed and just He is aware of things to come. Subsequently, depending on Black enchantment as a methods for knowing future, is really against the proclaiming of Islam. In Quran, Allah Almighty plainly expresses that just He knows the inconspicuous.

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